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About Us

I LOVE my job!

I love watching children play and interact! I love the emotion involved with taking portraits. I consider myself a lucky woman to get to see the LOVE in a family at my sessions. To see the snuggles, the kisses, and laughter that a family shares. I love to see the smile that starts in a parents eye and spreads over their whole face as they gaze at a portrait of their child. Knowing I gave them a memory, not just a portrait. That's what makes all the sleepless nights worth while.


When you chose Frames of Infinity, you chose to help support a small, local business. I try to keep my prices fair, and give you what I can for your dollar. Right now in this economy, I know how hard it is to carve out extra money for things like classic Portraits, and am willing to work with families to set up payment plans to help make them more affordable.

Where does your money go? To those sweet little babes over there. This business allows them to go to dance, basketball, and hockey. It allows them to have a mom who can be home with them and STILL be a small business owner. Thank you for that. Thank you for choosing Frames of Infinity!




Family Portrait by my Amazing Friend, Kathy Wolfe